Leadership Program Taking Signups – Brenham Banner-press : News

kAm!C@8C2> A2CE:4:A2?ED 2=D@ 82:? G2=F23=6 6IA6C:6?46 7C@> :?E6C24E:?8 H:E9 6249 @E96C 2?5 7@C>:?8 =2DE:?8 C6=2E:@?D9:AD H:E9 @E96C AC@76DD:@?2=D] t>A=@J6CD H9@ D6?5 A=@J66 H9@ 😀 65F42E65 23@FE E96 C6D@FC46D @7 E96 4@F?EJ 2?5 92D =62C?65 ?6H =6256CD9:A D 2?5 DA@?D@C 2? 6>A=@J66 ?62C=J 6G6CJ J62C[ D2:5 492>36C AC6D:56?E !286 |:496=] %96J 7:?5 :E E@ 36 6IEC6>6=J G2=F23=6 7@C E96:C AC@76DD:@?2= DE277 56G6=@A>6?E]k^Am kAm$:?46 E96 AC@8C2> :?G@=G6D 2 DA64:7:4 7@4FD @? (2D9:?8E@? r@F?EJ C6D@FC46D[ :E 😀 F?=: @776C65 6=D6H96C6[ D2:5 y2?6 w:?K6[ 492>36C >6>36C D6CG:46D >2?286C]k^Am kAm%96 AC@8C2> :?G@=G6D 2 E:>6 4@>>:E>6?E @7 @?6 52J 2 >@?E9 7@C `_ >@?E9D 2?5 2 EF:E:@? 766 E92E 4@G6CD 2== E@FCD[ >62=D[ 8C@FA EC2G6= 2?5 DFAA=:6D] %96 AC@8C2> 368:?D @? pF8] e H:E9 2? @C:6?E2E:@?[ 2?5 52J\=@?8 D6DD:@?D 2C6 E96?
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.brenhambanner.com/news/leadership-program-taking-signups/article_88ce4edb-153e-594e-bb14-4a4b9a7a76d8.html


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