Pave Your Own Path, Play To Win: Top Advice For Women Leaders – Forbes

Pave your own path This advice came from the Hon. Nicola Roxon, Australias first female Attorney-General, former FederalMinister for Heath and for Ageing. Roxon cautioned about succumbing to pressure to follow any set career path just because that is what many people have done before you. Just as no-one else possesses the same combination of skills, experience, interests and opportunities as you means that no-one else can know what is right for you. So yes, seek expert counsel, listen to advice from those whos experience you value, but pave your own path. Likewise, respect the right of others to do the same, even if their choices are different from what youd have chosen in their shoes. 2. Stop saying Im lucky. As I wrote in a previous article on the Impostor Syndrome , women have a tendency to over-attribute their success to good luck, and to undervalue what theyve done to create it. If youve achieved success in your career it wasnt because of luck. It was because you created the opportunities, relationships, reputation and results that led to where you are now. So own your success.
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